Lawn Service Program

Our basic program consists of three applications of fertilizer and weed control products as described below. Fungicides and insecticides are only applied when needed. In order to protect the environment, we attempt to avoid applying any material to our client’s properties that may not be necessary.

Spring Application: Late April through May Fertilizer, Iron, Pre-emerge (crabgrass control), and broadleaf control (dandelions, creeping charley, etc.) We now use Dimension Crabgrass control that is not only preemerge, but early postemerge in case weather conditions and other factors cause delays in application.

Summer Application: Late June through August. Fertilizer, Summer broad leaf control. This application will be scheduled base on weather conditions.

Fall Application: Mid September through October. Heavier Fertilizer, Broadleaf weed control (Best time for broadleaf control).

Tree Fertilizing: Many trees would benefit greatly from a proper fertilizer program. This is especially true for those that are stressed from disease, age, poor soil conditions, or transplant stress. Our pressurized root feeding equipment places the fertilizers at the optimum location in the root zone area. injecting under pressure also helps to correct compaction problems that may exist. This is best done Late fall or early Spring.

Irrigation service: Our irrigation service program is customized for almost any client’s needs. We service all brands.